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/ Aftercare Advice 

Your new tattoo is finished, yay! Now, what's next?

- If it was wrapped with a second skin bandage, keep this on for 24-48 hours. It is waterproof, so can be worn in the shower. If it comes off before 24 hours, wash the tattoo with unscented, antibacterial hand soap. Use this soap to wash your tattoo twice daily until healed.

- Pat your tattoo dry with kitchen roll, do not scrub it dry with a normal towel. Towels are germy!

- On the first night, it is usual for a tattoo to become gooey. This is plasma and is completely normal! If your tattoo has become dried to the sheets overnight, wet the sheets and skin and gently peel off the sheets. Don't try to remove it dry, as this can damage your tattoo!

- Use either Butterluxe, coconut oil, or cocoa butter to moisturise your tattoo twice daily. Whatever you choose to use, please use it sparingly, over moisturising can soften the scabs on your tattoo and cause them to come off prematurely. Furthermore, please do not use Bepanthen! They changed the formula and it is no longer suitable for tattoo aftercare.

- Do not submerge your tattoo in water until completely healed. Soaking the tattoo will also make the scabs come off too early. (No swimming either!)

- Try not to leave your tattoo out in heavy sunlight. Cover it up until it is fully healed to prevent fading. (Definitely no sunbathing!)

- Don't itch or pick at your new tattoo. If it's itchy, balm it!

- If your tattoo needs a retouch after it is healed, let us know! Touch ups will be done free in your next sitting.

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