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/Making a Difference

As a group of queer, neurodiverse individuals, we feel that it is very important for us to provide an environment that caters to everyone's needs. We feel that there is a huge gap in the tattoo industry for inclusiveness, that we at Pastel Palace have decided to fill. We have done this by creating a "Pre Appointment Information Form". 

In this form, we ask a few quick questions, such as:

-your pronouns

-preferred name

-if you require disability access (if so, we will work from our downstairs studio room rather than our regular upstairs ones!)

-any special requests like quieter music, stim toys and noise cancelling headphones

-asking for your favourite music, TV shows and movies to watch or listen to during your appointments.

We send out this form via email before your appointment, just so we can get to know you and provide for you in any way that we can. We know from personal experience that navigating a largely male dominated tattoo industry is a scary experience, trying to find a shop that will cater for you, your needs and identity is a tricky one! 

We want to create the perfect environment for our clients that is safe and comfortable, because getting a tattoo or piercing should be a fun experience! We want to be the studio that we all needed when first experiencing the industry, as clients and now as artists. Body mods are for everyone, and if this form helps people feel included, valid and safe in our studio, then we have done our job right. 

Furthermore, the overall vibe of our studio is unlike any other. It is bright, kawaii as heck and super chill: no loud heavy music, no dark workplaces with scary, unapproachable artists.. Getting the tattoo or piercing is only half of the experience! Our team of artists are super friendly, all working from private and secure studio rooms. This ensures that nobody else from the studio can enter unless given permission, and no dreaded shared work rooms with other artists, meaning you won't have to be tattooed or pierced in a room full of strangers.

Lastly, we truly want you to leave the studio happy, with either a tattoo or a piercing (maybe even both!) that you will love and take care of. This is why all of the artists at Pastel Palace provide an essential gift bag with every appointment you have, which includes luxurious aftercare, instructions of how to take care of your new addition, as well as some extra fun stuff, including sweets, bracelets and fake tattoos! Both tattoo artists also offer free retouches on your tattoos when you come in for your next session of ink, as well as our resident piercer has a lifetime guarantee on all piercings that she performs. We want you to love the additions that we give you, so we basically give you all the tools to keep them happy and healthy!

Made with love by the Pastel Palace team x

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