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/ Sam Sparkles Tattoos


Hi, I'm Sam! (he/they)
Although I'm happy to do any style, dot work, traditional, fine line, glitter tattooing is where my heart lies. I love to tattoo all things sparkly and bright, and the nerdier the better! My tattooing journey started in 2019 when I gained an apprenticeship in a local tattoo studio: from there, I worked alongside our resident piercer Tilly for two years, which is where we met and our friendship started.
Originally studying law, business and sociology, I have gone on to experience all walks of life and pride myself in providing everyone with excellent customer service. From my very first tattoo back in 2019, I have completed thousands of tattoos since, and I'm incredibly proud and happy with my work. Working as a tattoo artist is an absolute dream come true for me and I always aim to show that through the quality of my work.

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