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Have you got a question for us? Chances are, we've already answered this question before! Find here a list of our most frequently asked questions, and if you still can't find the answer you're looking for don't hesitate to message us on social media!

- How old do I have to be for a tattoo?
You have to be 18 years or older to get a tattoo. It is a common misconception that you can get a tattoo at 16 with parental consent, as this is simply not true. 

-How old do I have to be for a piercing?
The minimum age for standard lobe piercings is 4 and upwards, any other ear or body piercing you have to be 16+. If you are under 18 however, you need a parent/guardian to sign a consent form on behalf of you.

- What forms of ID do you accept?
We accept both drivers licenses and passports. Please remember to bring at least one form of ID with you for your

-How much do you charge for tattoos?
Our resident tattooist both charge for tattoos per piece and individually, so its best to contact them for a quote! Not sure who to book with? No worries, just click here and fill out our contact form and the best artist suited to your inquiry will contact you from the details given in the form.

-Do you have to pay a deposit?
For both our tattooists and piercer you have to pay a non refundable deposit, which will be deducted from the final cost when you come in for your appointment.

-What times do you take bookings for? 
The studio is open Tuesday to Saturday each week. Faithful Piercings operates 10am-5:30pm, Sam Sparkles works 11am to 5pm, and Sharon Vickers works 10am-2:30pm Tuesday to Friday and 10am to 5pm on Saturdays.

-Do you do cover ups and reworks including scar cover ups, and do you work on different skin tones?
Of course! Our tattooists are well versed and capable in working with all skin types.

-I've booked in for a tattoo, when do I see the design?
Our resident artist Sam draws up the designs the night before the appointment, so if you haven't received your design, don't worry! They haven't forgotten about you. If you need to make changes to your design there will be enough time to do so at the studio. Sharon draws up her designs a couple of days before the appointment so she will send it over when she is finished drawing it.

-Do you do custom designs?
Both tattooists offer both flash and custom designs, meaning you can get the tattoo you've always been dreaming of. 

-Do you take walk-ins?
Our resident piercer Tilly and resident tattooist Sharon Vickers takes walk-ins. However, we recommend contacting the studio and confirming that we have space before you come in to avoid disappointment. 

How to prepare for my appointment?
Good question! The more you are prepared for your appointment, the easier the process will be for both you and your artist. 
-Drink plenty of water.
-Keep the skin moisturised.
-If you can, shave the area!
-Wear loose, comfy clothing.
-Eat and sleep well in the days before your appointment.


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