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Tattoo Booking Request Form

Hello from the Pastel Palace team! Thank you for wanting to inquire with us. Here's some details you'll need to know before filling out this form. Please bear in mind this request form is for tattoos only, please contact Faithful Piercings via our our Facebook, Instagram or email address. 

- For individual tattoos, both artists charge per piece. From January 2024, our shop minimum is £60 per tattoo session.

- We require a booking fee from you to secure your appointment. This booking fee is non refundable, however can be transferred to a different appointment date if you have to reschedule, given that you give your artist 48+ hours notice. You can reschedule twice with the same booking fee, however if you need to reschedule a third time, your artist will need to take another booking fee. This fee covers time spent emailing, quoting and drawing your design.

- If you need quoting for multiple tattoos, you can include them all in just one form. You do not need to fill out multiple forms, even if there are multiple people. For matching tattoos, just include both ideas.

- Please let us know if you need disability access. We are completely happy to swap rooms between us and work downstairs if you have limited mobility or are a wheelchair user. Please bear in mind we do not have a disability friendly toilet, as our only bathroom is upstairs. Apologies! The closest downstairs toilet to us is Domino's, three doors down.

- Both artists are fully capable and happy to tattoo any and all skin tones and types. This includes skin that is scarred, or tattoos that need covering. Please check our 'POC' and 'healed' highlights on Instagram which showcase their work.

- Both artists use completely vegan and cruelty free supplies, including the aftercare which we sell.

- In the UK, you have to be 18+ to get a tattoo, regardless of parental consent. If you are under the age of 18 when you inquire, let us know when you are turning 18 and we can arrange the appointment for after then. Thank you!

- Regardless of age, we will need to see photo ID at your appointment. Please remember to bring this with you as no ID means no tattoo. If your artist has to reschedule you due to no ID, another booking fee will be taken.


Do you require disability access?
Are you an existing client?
Is this your first tattoo?
Which artist are you inquiring for?
Is this a cover up of another tattoo?

Thanks for submitting! One of our artists will be in touch with you soon.

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